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Open Diary Long Long Days

Editors Note: Tom Abbott is the host of Golf Central UK. He will be filing a daily diary from Carnoustie, Scotland, providing you with a feel for what is going on outside the ropes at the 136th Open Championship.
I didnt manage to write a blog for Thursday because our team has been so busy. I was warned ahead of time that the days will be long, but Im not quite sure I was prepared for just how long wed remain at the course each day, arriving around 8:30 a.m. and not departing until 11:30 p.m.
I didnt even have time to sit down for lunch on Friday and took to eating it whilst driving out to a story in the golf cart. It was somewhat of a ridiculous sight, me trying to balance a china plate piled with cold cuts and salad on my lap. John Brown, the cameraman, was dodging the patrons as we sped along on the golf cart, heads were turning.
John and I were wondering whether there are any other folks who put in more hours during the tournament than us! But the true heroes of the week are the restaurant and kitchen staff at the hotel. They keep the place open until past midnight when the hungry and weary GOLF CHANNEL crew troop in and are provided with a wonderful spread.
On Friday I was lucky enough to be assigned the story of Boo Weekley. Hes an unforgettable character, whos beginning to turn heads at Carnoustie and not just because of his golf.
Boo, if you dont know, is not exactly what youd call a city slicker. Although, I think the country in him is a little accentuated to provide a sufficient amount of fuel to make him stand-out from the madding crowd.
Personally I think hes great and is breathing some fresh-air into the sport and this week's event. This is entertainment and Boo entertains.
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