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Open Diary Renton and Pizza

Editors Note: Tom Abbott is the host of Golf Central UK. He will be filing a daily diary from Carnoustie, Scotland, providing you with a feel for what is going on outside the ropes at the 136th Open Championship.
The lobby of the Carnoustie Golf Course Hotel was bustling at about 9:30 a.m. on Saturday morning as our executive producer and I were busy trying to secure a room for a very special interview.
Players were wandering past on their way to the airport, golf bags and luggage were lying around and there we were feverishly speaking with the Hotel manager. One of the players departing Carnoustie was Phil Mickelson. Amy and the worlds No. 2 golfer got into a very ordinary rental car and drove-off. Phil was just one of the players who missed the cut and therefore checked-out of the hotel early, meaning rooms were left empty. With his very impressive powers of negotiation, Jeff, our executive producer, managed to secure one.
Our special shoot was an interview with Renton Laidlaw. It was such a great pleasure to interview Renton, a man whos been so involved with this great game. You can see the interview next Saturday on 'Golf Central Primetime.' He talks about his health and his return to the GOLF CHANNEL; about Gary Player; the modern game and the future of the European Tour. It's very interesting stuff. Im sure youll enjoy listening to his knowledge and opinions in that soft Scottish tone.
The room in which we interviewed Renton was on the second floor of the hotel looking out over the 18th green and first tee. We were very tempted to keep the key but sadly we had to return it to the front desk; still we did feel like royalty for a short while.
Our troubles with golf carts seem to continue, aside from a certain person, who will remain nameless, forgetting to charge them overnight. Our runner, Nathan, was dispatched into Carnoustie's town-center to pick-up some pizzas for the crew. We almost didnt get the pizza when Steve Sands couldnt understand the thick Scottish accent of the girl taking the orders and I had to step-in and act as translator, saving the day.
Our crew deprived of their pizza, would not be a pretty sight. Nathan then sped-off towards the center of town in one of the carts; however, once outside the safety of the compound and onto the public roads a golf cart is not the preferred mode of transport. The Carnoustie police were not too amused and poor Nathan had to park his cart and walk to retrieve the pizza. Still it eventually arrived in our trailer and everyone was happy.
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