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Courtney01 captures Valhalla Challenge

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Courtney01 captured the title among the Tour Legend tier at the Valhalla Challenge in August, shooting a closest-to-the-pin score of 80 to finish three shots ahead of second-place Faruk. JoeMaverick finished alone in third-place with a score of 84.

Other tier winners at Valhalla include extendedinfra (Legend, 83), Florincon (Tour Master, 140), RangeMasterUSA (Master, 149), egbarron (Tour Pro, 150) and Bthr33 (Pro, 193). 

The victory also moved Courtney01 into first place in the quarterly standings for the Tour Legend tier, a three-month race that will conclude with the Chambers Bay Championship, where the top 70 playes will split the 400,000 credit purse. Here is a look at the other quarterly leaders among the tiers:

Legend - extendedinfra

Tour Master - iamallin1

Master - RangeMasterUSA

Tour Pro - Bthr33

Pro - Doris23

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