Doug Ferguson

Editorial Staff

ARTICLES BY Doug Ferguson

  • Tiger Woods played eight times in 11 weeks, achieving more than some guys do in their career.

  • Its not a good idea to compare the two cups, even in the aftermath of an impressive U.S. victory. The Ryder Cup and Presidents Cup are nothing alike except for the size of the teams (12 players) and the excess of ceremonies and celebrities.

  • This was the 15th time Phil Mickelson has played in the Presidents Cup or the Ryder Cup, and the first time he came alone.

  • Tiger Woods had a perfect week, and the Americans stayed unbeaten at home in the Presidents Cup.

  • Tiger Woods and Steve Stricker became the first partnership in the Presidents Cup to go 4-0, winning twice Saturday behind an improbable rally by Woods and the pure putting of Stricker.

  • The Americans delivered the big rally this time, the biggest by Tiger Woods

  • Despite playing in all seven President Cups, Phil Mickelson came to Harding Park with only nine partners.

  • Tiger Woods and Steve Stricker dominated in a different format, and the International team again made a late rally to keep the matches close in the Presidents Cup.

  • Golfers from nine countries are staying together this week in a hotel that could pass for an Olympic village.

  • The United States has taken a 3 1/2 -2 1/2 lead over the International team in the Presidents Cup