Mercer Baggs

Editorial Staff

Mercer Baggs is the managing editor for A graduate from the University of Georgia, he has been covering the sport, writing commentary and features for both on-air and online, since 1996. Baggs is a multiple award winner from the Golf Writers’ Association of America.

ARTICLES BY Mercer Baggs

  • Open slammed shut: Tiger completes career Grand Slam at St. Andrews

    It's hard to imagine that Tiger Woods could surpass expectations placed upon his ever-broadening shoulders. Yet he did.

  • 7/22/00 -- Tiger Woods is a cruel man. He gave us hope on Saturday. Then squashed that hope flat.

  • 7/21/00 -- Here we go again. Just as he did at Pebble Beach, Tiger Woods is threatening to run away with the British Open.

  • 7/20/00 -- Ernie Els is trying to turn the tables on Tiger Woods at St. Andrews.

  • 7/19/00 -- He won by 12 at Augusta. He won by 15 at Pebble Beach. Now Tiger Woods is on golf's most sacred ground.

  • Open closed: Woods dominates U.S. Open like none before

    With no peers in the present to battle, Tiger Woods had but one foe on Sunday – history.

  • 6/17/00 -- For the first time this week, the Pebble Beach golf course put up a fight against Tiger Woods in the third round.

  • 6/16/00 -- Twelve hours after play began on Friday, darkness forced its suspension.

  • 6/15/00 -- In symbolic fashion, Tiger Woods left many in the field at the 100th U.S. Open in a haze.

  • 6/14/00 -- The 100th U.S. Open will officially begin on Thursday. But before play could commence, a somber ceremony was held early Wednesday morning to pay tribute to the 1999 champion.