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Relax and enjoy The Inn at Bay Harbor and Bay Harbor Golf Club along America's 'Third Coast'

Looking to get away from it all? Look no further than The Inn at Bay Harbor and Bay Harbor Golf Club. The Inn at Bay Harbor feels like olden days America with modern amenities, while the 27 golf holes designed by Arthur Hills (especially the Links/Quarry combination) are reminiscent of formidable Irish seaside courses, David R. Holland writes.

Golfers and skiers alike will love Boyne Highlands Resort in Harbor Springs

Boyne Highlands Resort does both golf and ski season better than most, thanks to a 165-room lodge and four 18-hole golf courses. Sun or snow, it's a top base for a northern Michigan vacation.

Michigan s four season resorts cater to golfers skiers

Many Michigan golf resorts double as ski resorts filled with winter sports activities. Or, as skiers would argue, they're ski resorts disguised as golf vacation destinations. Whatever side of the argument you land, Jason Scott Deegan offers up some great places to hang out in any season, green or white.


Play generations of great golf course designs in northern Michigan

Many of northern Michigan's highest-profile golf courses are modern developments. 
But world-class courses in this region, which is seemingly ideal for the game, are nothing new. In fact, golf has been a major draw here for more than a century. It's just that the courses from yesteryear are very different than what we see today. If you know where to look, you can sample some of the best courses, old and new, built by some of golf's most prolific architects.

Before it gets cold soak up some colorful fall golf in Michigan

Summer golf is grand in Michigan, but fall might be the best time to tee it up. The courses are more affordable with fall rates kicking in. You can play some Top 100-type courses for half the price you'd pay in summer. The courses are less crowded, too. And the weather can be downright balmy, at times. From Treetops Resort in northern Michigan to Shepherd's Hollow near Detroit, the state has a lot to offer.

Second life: Northern Michigan's Lochenheath Golf Club is back

The reopening of LochenHeath Golf Club after a two-year closure can be traced to the unwavering commitment of a handful of its original members. But can the course maintain its momentum in a state that is losing more players than it is gaining? Jason Scott Deegan has more on LochenHeath.

Eastern Michigan football

Fall in Michigan: great golf and gridiron action

There's renewed excitement in Ann Arbor with a new head coach, lights on the Big House and a thrilling win against Notre Dame. But there are football teams all over the state, and for every football game there are scores of golf courses nearby. Here's where to play when in town for the game.

The Kingsley Club A firm fast playground in northern Michigan

Firm all-fescue fairways and the ever-present wind on a raw, exposed site give The Kingsley Club -- a 6,931-yard course near Traverse City -- its distinctive British Open feel. In 2010, Golfweek Magazine rated the course as the 19th-best modern course in America. The Kingsley Club just might be the most intriguing publicly accessible golf course in Michigan, Jason Scott Deegan writes.

Black Lake Golf Club: A Rees Jones design that is well worth the drive

Black Lake Golf Club is one of the more remote must-play courses in northern Michigan. Tucked in tiny Onaway -- within 30 minutes of the tip of the Lower Peninsula -- Rees Jones made the journey well worth it. He did a masterful job designing the 7,046-yard course across 300 acres of pristine forest, creating what has been considered one of the state's top plays since opening in 2000.

Four course Garland Lodge and Resort is a northern Michigan retreat built for summer golf benders

Located in Lewiston, a small village in Michigan's north-central region, Garland Lodge and Resort has been a top golf retreat for many years. In 2011, however, it feels different, as new management has brought in a new attitude. Brandon Tucker recently played three of the four courses -- all in one day -- and tells us why Garland is the perfect place for a summer golf binge.

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