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Latest Ontario Travel Coverage


Muskoka delivers the best of summer on its golf courses and lakes north of Toronto

Muskoka, the cottage country destination two hours north of Toronto, is home to 1,600 lakes -- big and small -- and, most important to golfers, some of the best golf courses in Canada. With more than 20 courses, Muskoka states a strong case as the best golf destination in the country, Jason Scott Deegan writes from Huntsville.


Grey Silo Golf Club in Waterloo: Good enough for the LPGA but available to all

Grey Silo Golf Club in Waterloo, Ontario will host a new LPGA Tour event in 2012, but the course's greatest attribute is that it feels like a solid mid-level public or private club even though it's municipally owned. The course is run well, kept in good shape and is worth a visit, Peter Robinson writes.


Tangle Creek Golf and Country Club in Thornton: The name belies a pleasant golf experience

Tangle Creek Golf and Country Club has firmly settled into its comfort zone after opening almost a decade ago. Located 45 minutes north of Toronto, Tangle Creek was one of Rene Muylaert's final creations before he died in 2005 and is rapidly emerging as one of central Ontario's best options for people passing through the area, Peter Robinson writes.


Valley for all seasons: Horseshoe Resort's multi-seasonal appeal is its hallmark

In Barrie, Horseshoe Resort has been known as a skiing spot for years, but it's probably a better golf and resort destination. That's because two 18-hole courses and Horseshoe's emerging reputation as an "adventure" hangout have turned it into a handy destination for both day-trippers and holidaymakers, Peter Robinson writes.

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