East Lake Cup Spectator Guide


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Inclement Weather Policy for Spectators

All weather warnings will be signaled through the sounding of the weather alert horn at East Lake Golf Club. In addition, the Clubhouse scoreboard will provide updates and a weather warning. This signal and posting will appear in advance of inclement weather moving into the area. When the warning appears, you are advised to take precautions. You should seek shelter immediately upon hearing the alert. During periods of inclement weather, you should avoid the following: bodies of water, hilltops and high places, isolated trees, open areas, wire fences/metal.

Conduct, Customs and Etiquette

Please be advised of the following standards of conduct and etiquette:

  • All attendees are requested to display traditional customs of etiquette, decorum and behavior, and to obey all Tournament policies, signs and verbal instructions of Tournament Officials. Protests of all types are forbidden.
  • For security purposes, all attendees consent to the reasonable inspection of his/her person and property before entering and/or on the grounds. Refusal of such an inspection or possession of prohibited items will result in exclusion/removal.
  • Cell phones and beepers must be turned on Silent mode.
  • All attendees are requested to observe the list of prohibited items.

Spectator Safety

  • Be aware of the condition of play at all times while on the golf course
  • Please pay attention to the direction of the marshals / volunteers while on the golf course
  • Wear tennis shoes or soft-soled shoes
  • Do not wear spiked golf shoes
  • Familiarize yourself with the first aid location
  • Wear comfortable and appropriate clothing for the weather

          NOTICE: Please take all your belongings with you at the end of the day. Belongings left overnight are not the responsibility of the tournament and may be removed by course maintenance and discarded.

Prohibited Items and Restrictions

  This will be strictly enforced and items may be confiscated.

  • No food or water bottles
  • No plastic, metal or glass cups, cans or containers of any kind except for medical or infant needs
  • No computers or laptops (media is the exception)
  • No fireworks or laser points
  • No lawn or oversize chairs or seat cushions or bicycles
  • No pets, except for service animals
  • No knives, firearms or weapons of any nature
  • No video cameras (all week)
  • No radios or TV’s
  • No professional Cameras (long range lenses)
  • No signs or banners
  • No ladders/periscopes
  • No walkie talkies
  • No segways or skate boards
  • No backpacks, large purses and bags are subject to search


Autograph Policy

An autograph policy is in effect for official competition rounds (Monday – Wednesday). Players are asked not to sign autographs after the start of their rounds until the conclusion, except at their discretion during periods of suspension of play.


        Public Parking is located directly across the street from the main clubhouse entrance gate to East Lake Golf Club, 2575 Alston Dr SE, Atlanta, GA 30317.

Driving Directions

          East Lake Golf Course on Google maps