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Altered Course

Altered Course's Texas Hustlers

Meet the Texas Hustlers, a rough-around-the-edges couple of guys who have overcome unbelievable obstacles to pursue their dreams.

Altered Course's Serbian Sisters

Meet the Serbian Sisters, two girls who don't shy away from extreme fitness and who play for country and heritage.

Altered Course's Frenemies

Meet the Frenemies, two California girls who once hated each other but became best friends.

Altered Course's Twins

Meet the Twins, two North Carolina State alum who have been through everything together.

Altered Course's Canadian Ninjas

Meet the Canadian Ninjas, two friends who bring the humor and an Eastern flair to the great Pacific Northwest.

Altered Course's Icelandic Duo

Meet the Icelandic Duo, two unlikely friends from Iceland who represent "fire and ice" that trained in a most unorthodox way.

Altered Course's Georgia Boys

Meet the Georgia Boys, two college buddies who love to needle each other while traveling together for the mini tours.

Altered Course: Expert team takes the course

Follow Senior Director Paul Schlegel behind the scenes as he directs the crew around the expert team's first run on an Altered Course.

Altered Course sneak peek

Take a look at our latest reality series that combines speed, golf and adventure.

Altered Course: Player's favorite golfers

The contestants on Altered Course are golfers first and foremost. Here, they talk about some of the golfers they admire.