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Golf In America

Golf In America: Mark Mulder

Brandel Chamblee visits with Mark Mulder, who was one of baseball’s best pitchers the first half of the past decade.

Golf In America: Bob Vokey

Bob Vokey has been producing clubs since 1971 and his name is synonymous with the highest degree of craftsmanship in wedges.

Golf In America: Tony Perez

Tony Perez is the father of golf pros Pat and Mike Perez, but he is also the founder of three non-profit organizations that use the game of golf as a way to heal and change.

One of the best things golf provides is the sense of hope. Hope that the next swing provides a highlight for a lifetime.

All head coach Josh Gregory did, was lead his team to back-to-back National Championships, a feat last accomplished in the mid '80s.

Whether you have it written down or its just a something you keep buried in the back of your mind, if youve followed sports for a significant portion of your life you have one: your sporting bucket list.

Meeting people like former Boston Globe, and now globally syndicated cartoonist, Paul Szep, is why I love doing features.

When we decided that the 10 year anniversary of September 11th would be the theme of our first show of 2011, we wanted to find three stories to put in our show from people who were impacted by the events of that day in different ways.