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    27 Years: How Valentino Dixon discovered golf art

    Wrongly convicted artist Valentino Dixon explains how he began drawing golf courses in this sneak peek of 27 Years: The Exoneration of Valentino Dixon, Tuesday, December 11 at 8PM ET on Golf Channel.
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    27 Years: The Exoneration of Valentino Dixon trailer

    Narrated by actor Wendell Pierce, 27 Years tells the story of a man who was wrongfully convicted of murder in 1991. Valentino Dixon is a talented artist and used art to keep his sanity while in prison, often drawing up to ten hours a day, seven days a week. Even though he’d never stepped foot on a golf course, a request from the warden at Attica led him to start drawing golf scenes and eventually send a letter about his case and his art to Golf Digest. This started an unlikely chain of events that ultimately led to his exoneration and release in September of this year.
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    27 Years: The Exoneration of Valentino Dixon preview

    Premiering Tuesday, Dec. 11 at 8 p.m. ET, '27 Years: The Exoneration of Valentino Dixon' unravels how Dixon's golf drawings ultimately led to newly-discovered evidence pointing toward his innocence, and follows Dixon as he visits picturesque Pebble Beach, the first golf course he’d ever seen in person.