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GOLFTEC unveils OptiMotion, a new wireless motion-capture technology


GOLFTEC has rolled out OptiMotion, a motion-tracking innovation related to swing measurement and golf instruction.

The motion capture and measurement system will be at more than 157 locations worldwide, which GOLFTEC describes as:

OptiMotion uses custom-built, high-speed, HD cameras to measure the swing in 3D and leverages a proprietary artificial intelligence model to unprecedentedly collect more than 4,000 data points in every swing. The entire dataset is captured in a wireless, sensorless environment and in the comfort of a GOLFTEC training bay. A GOLFTEC coach guides the entire experience to provide instant feedback for easy understanding and basis to play better golf.

GOLFTEC says that golfers are not required to wear cumbersome, restrictive cords or a harness, and that two cameras – on positioned face-on and the other down the target line – track all movements.

“GOLFTEC committed several years of research, development and testing to bring OptiMotion to life and deliver the greatest motion-measurement advancement in the history of golf instruction,” said Joe Assell, founder and CEO of GOLFTEC. “Early adopters serious about improving their games praise OptiMotion as high-tech yet practical with accurate, data-driven evaluations and outcomes like no other.”

Click here for more information regarding the OptiMotion technology and GOLFTEC locations.