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JT throws shade at Fisher amid Saban drama

Alabama alumni and PGA champion Justin Thomas stuck by his roots while throwing some not-so-subtle shade at the Nick Saban-Jimbo Fisher feud.

Tiger needs 'some breathing space' on first hole

After smashing his opening tee shot in the 104th PGA Championship, Tiger Woods just wanted a little room.

Could Canelo turn to golf after boxing career?

On Saturday, Canelo Alvarez lost a fight for the first time since '13. Though he plans to keep fighting, he could turn to golf soon.

Watch: Barkley’s swing looks better than ever

It’s been a long time coming, but Charles Barkley’s golf swing is no longer the nightmare fuel that it once was.

DJ, Gretzky finally get hitched in lavish wedding

After an eight-year engagement, the two wed this weekend at Blackberry Farm, a five-star hotel in Walland, Tennessee.

No, JT did not top his tee shot while practicing

It appeared that Justin Thomas topped his tee shot on the practice area. But closer inspection shows what really happened.

Nets' Curry finds inspiration from injured Tiger

“I feel like if Tiger can shoot 1 under at Augusta, I can play through a little bit of pain for the rest of the season,” Seth Curry said.

Kokrak's fashion choices turns heads at Masters

Jason Kokrak made some interesting fashion choices Friday at the Masters, wearing various shades of green.

Could Barty consider pro golf after retirement?

Ash Barty is a "fanatic" of golf and she's pretty good at it, too, once impressing Tiger Woods. 

Sam Jackson says he beat Tiger at St. Andrews

While appearing on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Fallon asked Jackson about the rumor and the Pulp Fiction star explained.