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NBA champ Smith aims to join HBCU golf team

J.R. Smith once dominated the court, now he aims to dominate the course while also hitting the books.

Whoop: Korda's heart was racing when she won Olympics

Nelly Korda's Whoop device shows just how excited she was when she tapped in to win the women’s competition at the Tokyo Olympics.

Koepka, Sims engaged ... nearly a month ago

Brooks Koepka and Jena Sims announced their engagement on Thursday – nearly a month after Sims said, “I do.”

Adam Sandler

Sandler dusts off 'Happy Gilmore' after 25 years

Adam Sandler, the actor who played Happy Gilmore in the movie, decided to dust off the famous swing for the special anniversary.

Bryson question stumps Jeopardy! contestants

Bryson DeChambeau was the answer to a Jeopardy! question on Thursday night in one of the late Alex Trebek's final episodes.

The Great '1': Gretzky cards first ace on NYE

NHL legend Wayne Gretzky recorded his first hole-in-one on New Year's Eve at Sherwood Country Club.

Stenson pranks Poulter by stealing his car keys

Stenson pranks Poulter by stealing his car keys

Henrik Stenson pranks English golfer Ian Poulter by secretly stealing his car keys and forcing him to search for them until a selfie reveals where they were all along.

Grill Room: Michael Jordan starts new golf trend with drones

Air Jordan’s Golf Course provides air concessions

Lauren Thompson looks at the implementation of drones at Michael Jordan's golf course to deliver food and drinks to players at The Grove XXIII.

Grill Room: Looking at oldest and newest photos of PGA stars

Grill Room: Looking at oldest and newest photos of PGA stars

Watch Dustin Johnson, Rory McIlroy, Tiger Woods and more transform from hopeful beginners to top pros with the oldest and newest photos of PGA standouts.

Grill Room: Golfer gets strike at bowling alley with stunning trick shot

Grill Room: Golfer's trick shot leads to strike at bowling alley

A golfer pulls off an impressive trick shot at a bowling alley, knocking down all ten pins on the first try.