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Healthy Week

Developing junior balance and posture

To help with all around fitness, Dr. Greg Rose discusses development of balance and posture for juniors.

Ben Shear Dave Phillips-Positional isometrics for power

To help with all around fitness, fitness experts, Ben Shear and Dave Phillips demonstrate positional isometric exercises to develop more power.

The Golf Fix - Healthy Week

Michael Breed shares how to stretch before your round for healthy week. Click HERE for more Golf Fix content.

Juniors-Coffee Grinder

To help with all around junior fitness, Dave Phillips demonstrates a way to develop speed and rotary speed.

Too much sugar intake is bad.

To help with all around fitness, K. C. Craichy has a tip on nutrition concerning sugar substitutes in lieu of excessive sugar intake.

Big Break Greenbrier: Derek's mobility

Athletic Trainer Medic Mike shows Big Break Greenbrier competitor Derek Bohlen stretches that can help increase hip mobility in the golf swing. Click HERE for more Big Break Greenbrier content.

SwingFix: Shot put power sequence drill

Kai Fusser demonstrates an exercise that you can do to strengthen your swing move and help you finish your swing in balance. Visit to get your custom instructional video tips!

School of Golf: Weight Shift

Karen Jansen and Holly Sonders demonstrate drills to help your golf weight transfer.

School of Golf: Improving Posture

Karen Jansen and Holly Sonders give some tips on how to improve your posture.

School of Golf: Knee Flex

Karen Jansen and Holly Sonders help you gain distance by showing you the correct golf knee flex in the backswing.