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Get dialed in on your target with a narrowed focus

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Being target-oriented is crucial in golf but it’s a concept that many amateurs don’t grasp as well as they should.

Most notably, when it comes to the target, we should be extremely focused.

As an example, when we’re playing darts, we always focus on the target in front of us and not the dart. We also narrow our focus by aiming at the bullseye, not the entire dartboard.

But when we play golf it seems we are more focused on the ball than our target.

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This can cause unnecessary tension in our muscles and also make us release the club at the ball instead of after the ball.

The next time you’re on the course, focus more on your target, just like you would in darts.

First choose your target and then pick the bullseye in your target. Then feel the swing you need to send the ball to your target.

This will help you release the club later and create better contact and distance. You’ll find that the results will be much better and the feel for tempo more natural.

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