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Como Concepts: Safe speed

Como Concepts: Safe speed

Chris Como and Blair O’Neal are joined by renowned physical therapist Dan Hellman at the Better Everyday Performance Institute to teach exercises that will help you play pain-free golf. Watch Como Concepts Monday 7 PM ET.

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Golf with Aimee: Longer drives

Learn how to gain 10 yards off the tee by utilizing your core with YouTube coach Aimee Cho.

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Golf with Aimee: Hit your best drive

Learn how to focus on your core to hit the longest and straightest drives of your life with YouTube coach Aimee Cho.

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Golf with Aimee: Hit more Fairways

Learn how to improve your driving accuracy by utilizing your index finger with YouTube coach Aimee Cho.

Zamboni: Eyes over ball putting drill

Teresa Zamboni shares a simple drill to determine where a player's eyes are in relationship to the ball during a putting stroke.

Zamboni: Aggressive putting speed drill

Teresa Zamboni uses an alignment stick placed six inches in front of the hole to promote more aggressive putting speed to ensure that every putt gets to the hole.

Vangellow: Permission to move

Vangellow: Permission to move

Deb Vangellow demonstrates how controlled weight transfer and lower body movement in the golf swing can equate to more power.

Vangellow: Pre-shot aim vs. alignment

Deb Vangellow explains the difference between pre-shot aim and pre-shot alignment.

Vangellow: Pendulum drill for proper swing feel

Deb Vangellow explains the difference between hitting a ball and swinging through a ball and offers a pendulum drill to help hone the proper swinging feeling.

Palozola: Chip shot drill for crisp contact

Maria Palozola demonstrates how to make better contact on chip shots with this drill that promotes a high-to-low angle of attack.