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Palozola: Fix for better bunker distance control

Maria Palozola shows how to alter the clubface at address to promote better distance control out of the bunker.

Palozola: Chip shot drill for crisp contact

Maria Palozola demonstrates how to make better contact on chip shots with this drill that promotes a high-to-low angle of attack.

C. Miller: Myth of a straight lead arm

Cindy Miller dispels the myth that a player should keep their lead arm straight during the golf swing.

C. Miller: Unique lag drill for longer drives

Cindy Miller shares a unique drill to help delay the angle of attack for longer drives.

MacPherson: Pitching practice confidence builder

Cathy MacPherson advocates practicing in an environment full of obstacles to simulate a more realistic playing condition.

MacPherson: Short game versatility drill

Cathy MacPherson demonstrates how practicing the same shot with a variety of clubs can make you a better player.

Kirk: Swing ratio for tempo and consistency

Meredith Kirk demonstrates how using a backswing-to-downswing ratio of 3-to-1 can improve tempo and consistency.

Kirk: Barefoot drill for more swing power

Meredith Kirk goes barefoot and uses a basketball to demonstrate how power in the golf swing is generated from the ground up.

Detlefsen: Pivot pose drill for greenside rough

Katie Detlefsen explains how choosing a lofted wedge and making a proper pivot can help results from greenside rough.

Detlefsen: Simple drill for solid pitch shot contact

Katie Detlefsen demonstrates how practicing a low follow through on pitch shots will improve contact with the ball and overall results.