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Morning Drive Waste Management

Hoffman’s tips for better recycling

Charley Hoffman explains what kind of containers you should recycle.

Waste Management Phoenix Open: A zero waste event

Charlie Rymer explains how the Waste Management Phoenix Open is a zero waste event which means everything from the event is either recycled or composted.

Recycle Right: Rymer shows CNG truck

Charlie Rymer shows off the unique innovations of the Waste Management Recycle Right truck.

Going green: Basics of recycling

Charley Hoffman and Charlie Rymer explain the rules of recycling.

Waste Management: Reduce your carbon footprint

Charlie Rymer learns from Charley Hoffman how to reduce his carbon footprint. Watch Morning Drive on Golf Channel.

Rymer learns about the solar powered compost compactor

Charley Hoffman shows Charlie Rymer the solar powered compost compactor by Waste Management. Watch Morning Drive on Golf Channel

Recycle Right: Don't contaminate recyclables

Charley Hoffman gives Charlie Rymer a tip on how to properly recycle liquid containers.

Hoffman teaches Rymer about composting

PGA Tour professional Charley Hoffman teaches Charlie Rymer about what should be composted.

Charlie Rymer learns the rules of recycling

Charlie Rymer plays a game to learn about recycling.

Recycle right with Charlie Rymer and Charley Hoffman

Charlie Rymer is quizzed by Charley Hoffman about what is recyclable and what should go in the compost