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Park going for second gold medal at Tokyo Olympics

Park going for second gold medal at Tokyo Olympics

Inbee Park explains her journey obtaining the gold medal at the 2016 Olympics amongst a thumb injury and now going for a repeat gold medal at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Popov living her Olympic dream after postponement

Popov living her Olympic dream after postponement

Sophia Popov explains why she was able to achieve her Olympic dream after the Tokyo Olympics were postponed due to COVID and how the delay helped her get to Tokyo.

How well do golfers know Olympic trivia?

Olympic trivia: How well do you know the Games?

Alena Sharp, Sophia Popov, Aditi Ashok and more answer Olympic trivia, such as which country enters the Opening Ceremony last.

Park, Maguire reflect on Olympic memories

Favorite memories from watching the Olympics

Inbee Park, Leona Maguire, Albane Valenzuela and more reflect on their favorite memories of the Olympics and events to watch.

Park, Ashok and more talk Olympic experiences

2016 Olympians reflect on experiences

Inbee Park, Aditi Ashok and more describe their amazing Olympic experiences from Rio in 2016.

Rio 2016: How Japeri, Brazil is growing the game

How golf is growing at Olympic site

See how the town of Japeri is growing the game of golf near the host city of the 2016 Olympic Summer Games.

Olympic golf history: Berlin seeks golf in 1936

Olympic golf: Berlin seeks golf in 1936

Learn how Berlin attempted to bring golf back to the Olympics in 1936.

Olympic golf history: The first female gold medalist in any sport

Olympic golf: First female gold in any sport

Meet Margaret Abbott, 1900's gold medalist in golf, and the first female to win an Olympic gold medal for any sport.

Olympic golf history: George Lyon declines 1908 gold medal

Olympic golf: Lyon declines 1908 gold

Learn how George Lyon won the golf medal in golf in the 1904 Olympic Games, but declined it in the 1908 Games.

Olympic Dreams - Sandra Gal

Olympic Dreams - Sandra Gal

Hear what it would mean to Sandra Gal to play golf for Germany in the 2016 Olympics.