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In Play

In Play: Extended conversation with Mary Kay Willson

Mary Kay Willson, Director, Els for Autism, talks about the Center of Excellence and more.

In Play: Behind the scenes in the studio

Go behind the scenes of In Play with Jimmy Roberts.

Noonan!: O'Keefe reflects on 'Caddyshack,' Ramis

Michael O'Keefe discusses 'Caddyshack' and the late Harold Ramis in this excerpt from 'In Play with Jimmy Roberts.'

Briony Lyle shares Jarrod's condition with the world through emails

Because of inaccurate information, Briony Lyle decides to reach out to the public about Jarrod's condition and status through emails.

In Play: Jarrod Lyle's Uncut Interview with Todd Lewis

Jarrod Lyle speaks to Todd Lewis about his current condition and his hopes for the future.

SEN Radio Journalists Recall their Visit with Jarrod Lyle

Australian sports radio personalities Andy Maher and Tim Watson recall the time when Jarrod Lyle stopped by their studio to tell his story.

In Play preview: Els for Autism

Ernie Els is on a mission to help children with autism. Watch 'In Play with Jimmy Roberts' Monday at 10PM ET.

In Play preview: Jarrod Lyle

Watch the heartwarming story of two-time cancer survivor Jarrod Lyle on 'In Play with Jimmy Roberts' Monday 10PM ET.

In Play: Golf Detective looks for first hole in U.S.

In Play enlisted the Golf Detective, Matty Blake, to find out exactly where the first golf hole in the United States is.

In Play: Then and now, Robert Landers

In Play tracked down Robert Landers to remember his improbable run on the Senior Tour in 1995.