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Jimmy Roberts behind the scenes at Daytona 500

Jimmy Roberts takes time at Daytona International Speedway to talk about his time with Jimmie Johnson.

In Play: Robert Landers on his unusual clubs and shoes

Robert Landers discusses why he used 25-cent tennis shoes and old clubs to try to qualify for the Champions Tour.

In Play: NASCAR's Jimmie Johnson

NASCAR's Jimmie Johnson talks golf with host Jimmy Roberts on the season premiere of In Play with Jimmy Roberts, Monday at 10PM ET, only on Golf Channel.

In Play: Michael J Fox Extended Interview

Jimmy Roberts sits down with Michael J Fox on the set of his new NBC sitcom, The Michael J Fox Show.

In Play: Michael J Fox Feature

Jimmy Roberts visits Michael J. Fox at The Michael J. Fox Foundation's golf tournament and on the set of The Michael J. Fox Show for this feature from In Play.

In Play: President George W Bush Feature

Former President George W Bush takes time to sit down with Jimmy Roberts for In Play.

In Play: Francis Ouimet Centennial

In Play reflects on Francis Ouimet's victory at the 1913 US Open on it's 100th anniversary.

In Play: Jimmy on Michael J Fox

Jimmy Roberts talks about his interview with Michael J. Fox from the set of Michael's new show; The Michael J. Fox Show

In Play: George W Bush Extended Interview

Jimmy Roberts sits down with the 43rd President of the United States, George W Bush at the site of the year's Walker Cup.

In Play: Michael J. Fox & Jimmy go Golfing

Jimmy Roberts and Michael J. Fox played some golf in advance of Michael's interview for In Play.