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In Play: Former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert

Hear former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's take on the efforts of programs like Peace Players International.

In Play: Peace Players International Israel Clinic

Hear from PGA golfers Hunter Mahan and Michael Thompson, along with instructor Sean Foley from their golf clinic for Peace Players International in Israel.

In Play: Golfers and Wine Full Feature

Jimmy Roberts reports on golfers who have taken their love of wine from a hobby to a business.

In Play: Jack Nicklaus on Water Management

Hear what Jack Nicklaus had to say to Jimmy Roberts on the subject of water Management.

In Play: Tim Rosaforte's reflection on Israel story

Tim Rosaforte sits down behind the scenes and reflects on the Israel story from In Play with Jimmy Roberts.

In Play: Israel Feature Story

With only one golf course in the entire country, Israel is not the first destination viewers would expect to find Hunter Mahan, Amy Alcott and Michael Thompson.

In Play: Israel trip impact on players

Tim Rosaforte sits down behind the scenes and talks about the Israel trip's impact on Hunter Mahan, Michael Thompson and Sean Foley.

In Play: Water Conservation Full Feature

In Play with Jimmy Roberts takes a look at efforts to conserve one of the game's most important resources; water.

In Play: Greg & Morgan Norman extended conversation

Hear more of Jimmy's conversation with Greg Norman and his daughter, Morgan on the evolution and success of their wine business.

In Play: Tuesday 10:30 PM ET

Hunter Mahan and Sean Foley take a trip to Jerusalem. Plus, discover the latest fascination that has captured the golf world. Watch an all-new In Play with Jimmy Roberts July 30 at 10:30PM ET.