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Reading Greens

Having trouble making breaking putts? Fred Griffin shares a fun putting drill that will help you gauge the speed and line of putts that break.

Putts not dropping into the cup? Todd Sones says that it may not be your putting stroke that is causing you to miss puts.

The Northern Trust Open presents Todd's Tips: The Lag Putt.

Brad Brewer covers the three elements of putting: rhythm, radius and arc. Learn tips that will bring you more putting success.

The Golf Fix's Michael Breed answers viewer Dan's question about why he pulls his putts. Want your questions answered? Shoot an e-mail to Then check back to to see if your question gets chosen.

Trevor Immelman showcases his short game in showing how to hit long putts.

Frank Thomas shows us exactly how to fit a putter.

Camilo Villegas explains his unconventional approach to reading putts.

Frank Thomas discusses the importance of posture when dealing with your putting stroke.

Dave Pelz shares his insights for reducing the number of three putts during your round.