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Rules Modernization

Proposed Rules: Penalty areas supersede water hazards

Under the proposed rules, 'water hazards' would be superseded by the expanded concepts of 'penalty areas.'

Proposed Rules: Fixed distances for measuring

Club-lengths would no longer be used to measure for any purpose.

Proposed Rules: Procedure for dropping into relief area

The ball must drop in and stay in the defined relief area.

Proposed Rules: No penalty for playing out of turn

Players will be allowed and encouraged to play 'ready golf' in stroke play.

Proposed Rules: Introducing the proposed new rules

Thomas Pagel, USGA, and Grant Moir, R&A, introduce the proposed new rules of golf.

Proposed Rules: Moving loose impediments or touching ground in bunker

A player would be allowed to touch or move loose impediments and touch the ground with hand or club.

Proposed Rules: Replacing ball when original spot not known

Under the proposed rule, the ball would always be placed on a spot rather than being dropped.

Proposed Rules: Substitution of ball always allowed when taking relief

Under the proposed rule, when taking relief the player would always be allowed the choice to substitute a ball or to use the original ball

Proposed Rules: Touching loose impediments or ground in penalty area

A player would be allowed to touch loose impediments and touch the ground with hand or club in a penalty area.

Proposed Rules: Lateral relief from red penalty area

Lateral relief is one of the options when dropping from a red penalty area.