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Video: Improve your weight shift and don't hang back

Karen Jansen Weight Shift 304
Getty Images

Many average golfers struggle to hit crisp, powerful golf shots because they don’t shift their weight properly on the downswing, through impact and into their finish.

Instead, they tend to hang back and their weight never gets off the trail foot, which leads to inconsistent contact and a lack of speed where you need it most, through the ball.

In this video segment, SwingFix instructor Karen Palacios-Jansen joins Holly Sonders on the School of Golf set and she has a great drill to help you shift your weight better on your downswing and into your finish position.

Additionally, if this is an area where you have problems, it could be a fitness issue, and Palacios-Jansen will also give you a great stretch that you can do to improve flexibility in your lower back and hamstrings.

Try this drill the next time you have a chance to practice and utilize this stretch, and you’re likely to stop hanging back and start generating some speed in your golf swing.

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