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Sponsored: Callaway's 'Golf Lives: Home Course, Season 2'

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In this original series, Callaway sets out to profile unique golf locations around the country based on their stories, communities and the characters that surround them. The golf cultures across the series are remarkably diverse, yet in all cases it's the course itself that unifies and ignites the passions of those who play.

“Golf Lives: Home Course, Season 2” focuses on three distinct home courses across the country – one in Arizona's Navajo Nation, one in New Orleans, La., and one in a tropical rainforest on the island of Oahu. All have very different golf cultures, but are connected by a deep love of the game.

Click here for more details on the courses in Season 2 as well as the trio on display in Season 1 and other past Golf Lives films.


REZ Golf (Steamboat, Ariz.)

Deep within Navajo Nation, in the town of Steamboat, Ariz., (pop. 284) sits Wagontrail to Lonesome Pine. What sounds like a hiking trail is actually a nine-hole golf course made completely by the Navajo. Scattered over a rocky, hilly, shrub-filled landscape, the trailblazers of REZ Golf show their passion for the game that brings them together through the course that they tend to.


Bayou Oaks (New Orleans, La.)

Generations of golfers have made their way through Bayou Oaks, a public course in the heart of New Orleans. We follow several of them, including a well-known jazz musician, as they tell the story of how the park was resurrected post-Katrina and caters to golfers of every skill level there is.


Royal Hawaiian (Kailua, Hawaii)

Etched into the tropical rainforest of Oahu’s lush Maunawili Valley sits Royal Hawaiian Golf Course, the perfect backdrop for any golfer looking for an escape. The golf course weaves through sacred Hawaiian ground, offers breathtaking panoramic views on every hole, and features a landscape and atmosphere more reminiscent of Jurassic Park than modern-day Hawaii.