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Woods: 'I’ve been in Phil’s head for 20-some-odd years'

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Whether you're excited for "The Match" or you're Rory McIlroy, Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson are squaring off in Las Vegas next week.

And like with any good pay-per-view event, the competitors are making the media rounds, trying to drum up some business as the date inches closer.

The good-natured trash talk between the two legends of the game has been fun to watch, but Woods may have delivered a knockout blow on Thursday's edition of "Inside the NBA."

When asked if he could get inside Mickelson's head on the course, Woods quickly shot back, "I’ve been in Phil’s head for 20-some-odd years."

Tiger and Phil will be mic'd up when they compete, so there's a chance Phil will have a comeback ready by then.

But until that time, we'll let Michael Scott have the floor: