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Top Tips Of Xmas

Top Tips of Xmas: Swing consistency is a myth

Learn how to reduce golf swing stress over the holidays by watching Pia Nilsson and Lynn Marriott role play to explain how to deal with golf swing inconsistency.

Top Tips of Xmas: Martin Chuck "Hand-controlled Pivot"

Dreaming of more distance this holiday season? Martin Chuck gives a super-useful tip that can help you whip the club through the ball for longer iron shots.

Top Tips of Xmas: Don Saladino "Reach Roll and Lift"

Keep your golf swing loose over the holidays with a fitness tip from Don Saladino.

Top Tips of Xmas: 'Draw the line' to improve iron play

Wishing for better iron play this holiday season? Let Martin Hall and Blair O'Neal teach a simple way to improve your swing with a can of spray paint.

Top Tips of Xmas: McCormick's greenside artistry tips

Improve your short game play over the holidays by letting Cameron McCormick teach you how to hit a variety shots with only your lob wedge.

Top Tips of Xmas: Andrew Rice "Opening Your Torso"

Want a tip that can help you hit the ball more solidly, straighter and farther. This is Andrew Rice's holiday gift to you.

Top Tips of Xmas: Jim McLean's controlled fade

Playing golf during the holiday season? Follow Jim McLean's advice when you absolutely must find the fairway off the tee.

Top Tips of Xmas: Improve downswing with a balloon

Watch to see how a balloon can be used to improve your downswing move this holiday season.

Top Tips of Xmas: Tennis ball drill for more power

Michael Breed shows how a tennis ball will help you crush it off the tee this holiday season.

Top Tips of Xmas: Straighter drives in no time

This holiday treat from Kevin Weeks will help you hit straighter drives in no time.