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Views from the fairway: Drake posts try-hard golf pictures on Instagram


When thinking of the prototypical golfer, it's hard not to imagine someone like Drake being one of the first who come to mind. After an NBA postseason filled with antics and shoulder rubs, the famous rapper would make a great addition to your local club.

Imagine him galavanting around at Bushwood Country Club with Rodney Dangerfield, blaring his Views album and shouting 'YOLO' when going for it on every par-5.

Who knows, that might be the case. Following his Toronto Raptors winning the NBA Finals over the Golden State Warriors, Drake posted a handful of Instagram photos saying he was in 'Album Mode' which possibly hints at another record coming from the Canadian star.

Obvious red flag right out of the gate, as Drake is seen in the first picture teeing up a ball in what looks like the fairway. Can't do that. It also shows the rap star wearing gloves on both hands. Weird flex, but okay.

You do you, Drake. After all, you only live once, right?