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Watch: Guy does a mostly spot-on impression of DJ's swing

Jack Bartlett (@JackBartlett1) impersonating Dustin Johnson

He's got the gait, the finish and even the club lean into the tee pickup.

The only thing he's really missing is the bowed wrist at the top.

But if he had that, then he might actually have Dustin Johnson's golf swing, and then he'd probably be doing something other than impressions online.

Witness now the talents of Mr. Jack Bartlett, who would legitimately make you wonder if you were looking at the three-time world No. 1 if you only saw a stillframe of this video paused at 23 seconds.

His Keegan Bradley is a little more cartoony, but then again, so is Keegan.

I'd like to see this guy take a crack at Matt Wolff.

Which of Tiger's four swings do you think he should try?