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Watch: Bjorn shocks Atkinson with home visit

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Last week, Stephen Atkinson, a perfectly random individual, sent Thomas Bjorn a letter indicating that he was withdrawing his name fro Ryder Cup consideration. The letter even cited Atkinson's unwillingness to serve a potential vice captain.

Bjorn proceeded to share the letter to Twitter, and Atkinson got his 15 minutes of well-deserved fame (hey, it was a funny letter).

But that 15 minutes was extended when Bjorn decided to stun Atkinson with a surprise visit to his home, which you can watch right here.

The wide-eyed Atkinson hits the whole thing on the head when he shakes Bjorn's hand and tells him, "This has got way out of hand," but good on Bjorn for rewarding the man's effort.

Atkinson, the 52,187th-ranked player in the world and recent winner of the West Hill monthly medal, is now free to return to his duties as Captain of the Babalou Golf Society