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The Way To Play Better Golf

Mogg's way to make a better turn

Brian Mogg shares a swing drill to help you turn back and swing through the shot more efficiently.

Water Bottle Drill

Brian Mogg shares a unique tip to release the club properly.

Uphill Wedge Shots

Brian Mogg reveals the keys to playing from a short-sided uphill lie and make the ball stop quickly on the green.

Making Par

Brian Mogg shares course management advice for making more pars during your round.

Sand man: Improve bunker play

Brian Mogg shares sand play pointers for better bunker play.

Brian Mogg on a simple and effective way to practice putt before your round.

Golf and Fitness Go Together

Brian Mogg shows how to use a medicine ball to strengthen your swing.

Body Rotation Swing Drill

Brian Mogg demonstrates a swing drill to help you develop a smooth and effortless swing motion.

Proper Grip

Brian Mogg helps you find the right grip for better play on the course.

Shot Making

Brian Mogg helps you work the ball on the range for better play on the course.