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Meet Mallory Blackwelder from Versailes, Kentucky. Golf has been in Blackwelder’s blood from the minute she was born.

Meet Kelly Jacques from Longmont, Colorado. Kelly is an LPGA Futures Tour player who conquered her anger on and off the course through faith.

Meet Nina Rodriguez from San Jose, California. Rodriguez’s dream was to be a WNBA star. That all changed when Nina’s father encouraged her to play golf at the age of 16.

Meet Matt Melrose, from Malawi. Melrose is a self-taught golfer who enrolled in the Australian Golf Academy where he went from a 18 handicap to a scratch golfer in just nine months.

Meet Southern Californian, Nicole Smith. Smith’s backstory is not typical for Big Break. Rather than touting herself as a struggling mini-tour player, she labels herself as a future dominator of the women’s professional golf ranks.

Rex Hoggard and Randall Mell join Win McMurry to talk Tiger Woods. After missing the cut at the 93rd PGA Championship, has Tiger’s game hit rock bottom?

Meet Whitney Wright from Rockingham, North Carolina. Wright, a former gymnast, now golfer, pays her entry fees into tournaments by playing for money. Whitney has golf in her blood lines as a distant relative of Sam Snead.

Livin' the Dream

Rich Lerner reports on mini-tour life, where Tom Stankowski, Jack Newman and Jordan Ensurd are living the dream on the Hooter's Tour.

Kann's final farewell

Win McMurry and the rest of the Goose gang say goodbye to Kraig Kann after his final show on Golf Channel, reminiscing about his favorite moments from the past 17 years.

Magical mystery tour

Golfweek senior writer Jeff Rude says rather than try to predict the landscape of golf, sit back and enjoy the magical mystery tour.

The Tiger factor editorial director Jay Coffin talks about how despite not winning, Tiger is as relevant as ever.

Win McMurry talks southern food with Charlie Rymer, plays a game of 'True or False' with Jeff Rude and John Hawkins, and bids fond farewell to a member of the 'Grey Goose 19th Hole.'