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Ponds and streams are anything but water hazards; they are a healthy haven for a variety of species of wildlife thanks for special aquatic plants and vegetated buffer strips.

For superintendents, optimizing growth conditions is a combination of science and art. Many factors must all work together for optimal conditions.

Despite golf courses being in close proximity, differences in turf types, soils, tree coverage, elevation and resources can make them like night and day.

Syringing is the conservation process of applying a light water mist over putting greens and approaches to keep the entire grass plant healthy and make for an even playing field.

Golf courses provide viable green spaces for runoff ponds or structures to safely contain storm water overflow.

Golf course superintendents use techniques such as aerification, water drainage and proper nutrition to promote healthy turf.

Activities such as topdressing, aerifying, irrigation, pest management and breeding new grasses have all played a key role in how the game is played and enjoyed.

Golf courses which exhibit the highest in environmental performance standards are certified by Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED). Senior Writer Rex Hoggard drops by the Morning Drive Studio to talk about the weekend wins by Brendan Steele and Matteo Manassero.

Golfers and wildlife can peacefully co-exist, thanks to out-of-play areas providing habitat for wildlife to feed, rest and breed.