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Big Break The Palm Beaches: Episode 4 Breakdown

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Big Break Ireland contestant, Kelly Jacques is back to break down episode 4 of Big Break The Palm Beaches, FL. Along with two-time Big Break contestant and host of School of Golf, Sara Brown. Don’t miss their expert commentary every week after each episode and make sure to tune in Mondays at 9PM ET.


Sara: I loved watching these guys open those 9 envelopes it's like they thought something was going to pop out! Hahaha but ultimately they found out it was time for the infamous FLOP SHOT WALL! I like the team aspect of this challenge, makes that wall that much more difficult... And speaking of difficult Kel... I mean how difficult was it to pick teams? These guys are all good... Who would you have picked first?

Kelly: Agreed! The suspense when they were opening the envelopes was hilarious! But we both know how that feels and it is nerve racking! It’s always hard to pick teams especially once you start forming friendships with certain players! I think I would have chosen Tommy first, and they chose him last! When you older I feel like the part of your game that keeps on improving should be your short game!

Sara: I would have gone with chad but since he was also a captain I would go with Robert. He's been pretty consistent and playing well so far. Kyle then chose Richy, I know they went to school together do you think that's why? I mean I know he's good on paper has a great resume but really hasn't done too much so far this season... He may be the quiet one to watch out for :) 

Kelly: I think that’s definitely the reason that Kyle chose Richy. You can’t blame him though! You should never rely on someone else, but allies can definitely help you in Big Break!

Sara: At the first flop location, Justin Tyler and Kyle were up, and WOW! Right out of the gate Justin almost holes it! That is not easy to do! He even said you can't see anything but blue sky...impressive Justin, VERY IMPRESSIVE!!! Then Tyler almost holed it as well! I mean, my heart can't handle all this excitement hahaha, such good golf shots are being hit in this series!

Kelly: Seriously! What a great way to start off the challenge! I’m not sure they could hit it that close if they could see the target! Tyler hit a pretty poor shot here, but at least he knows that was not his strength! However, I wonder if he talked himself out of a good performance there!

Sara: At the second flop location, you had Chad Clay and Tommy, and again all three of them hit great shots! It must have been Clay's awesome red socks, hahaha, no but seriously, a great shot from him! That shot earned him the opportunity to play in that fourth location with his teammate Justin, for immunity and that $3000!

The third location was much closer between Robert Richy and Brandon. Again we see a perfectly executed flop shot from Robert to 6”! Just a little info for you all; all three guys that won each location  hit it a totally of 1 foot 5 inches from the hole, hahaha now that's good!!! 

Kelly: I loved watching the players move closer and closer to the wall with each location. I think this is the best that I’ve ever seen the players perform on this intimidating challenge! I can’t believe their total distance was a mere 1 foot 5 inches! Keep in mind, they are hitting to a blind target!

Sara: So now the fourth location for the flop challenge was between Justin, Clay (who are on the same team) and Robert. The winner of this last location would win immunity for their team and $3000 dollars to split! You never know BUT I'm thinking Justin and Clay had the upper had on Robert since they could cheer each other on. That just adds a little more unnecessary stress to Robert! Ultimately Justin would win the last location for his team of Clay and Brandon. They are now safe and onto the next show...  

Kelly: I think Justin and Clay definitely had the upper hand, but not because of the cheering. I think it took some stress off their backs because they knew they had two chances. The fate of the team wasn’t just on their own shoulders, it was shared. Playing for your team’s safety is a lot more pressure than just playing for your own and they all did a great job!

Sara: This second immunity challenge was how close you could get your second shot to the hole. These challenges to me are fun but also pressure packed because you're playing a hole BUT you may not want to be as aggressive as you would normally be! That aggressiveness could have cost Robert on his putt, BUT in the end Tyler hit a poor bunker shot and is straight to the elimination.

Kelly: I was excited to see this challenge as well! It gives us a better look at the player’s overall game! Tyler just chose a bad challenge to string two poor shots together. If I was Tyler, I think I would choose Kyle. He didn’t have a great day and he hasn’t played great so far.

Sara: I know if I were Tyler I would definitely not want to play Chad aka Corporal Clutch. BUT what do I know! Who does he pick?? CHAD!! Like are you crazy Tyler?? Kelly what do you think about that?

Kelly: I was shocked! He’s knocked out three players so far and has proven himself to be clutch when it counts! He’s now played in every elimination challenge so far! But you can tell that he is pulling from those experiences and it’s making him more confident!

Sara: Tyler I like you man...but you're CRAZY!!!! Boom! Birdie out of the gate by Chad to go 1 up. I don't know if anyone else caught this but Kelly did you hear the guys on the bench talking about Chad tanking it in the morning challenges and maybe sand bagging a little bit? What do you make of that? 

Kelly: I don’t think that’s the case at all. I honestly think it’s because the immunity challenges aren’t playing to his strengths. Due to his leg, certain challenges aren’t suited the best for him. But when he finds himself in the elimination challenges, he is getting the opportunity to play HIS game not just one shot here, or one shot there. He knows how to play off his strengths, and that is usually the player that will come out on top!

Sara: During the second hole, Tyler just got a bad break when it went out of bounds. And Chad said it best, “Golf is just a crazy game like that”. Stinks that Tyler got eliminated but Chad did play great golf. Would you guys please stop picking Chad for elimination!! I MEAN SERIOUSLY he's like a sniper rifle taking them out quietly one by one hahahaha!

Kelly: I love Tyler’s attitude. In my opinion that is one of the hardest parts of the game to control. I wish more players were as classy as he is! You can tell that he keeps the game in perspective and doesn’t take himself too seriously. Everyone trying to make this dream a reality has the talent, but many times it’s their attitude that sets them apart! I’m going to miss you Tyler and your hilarious personality!!

Sara: Tyler was a great contestant definitely one of my favorites. I will miss his banter and his mustache hahaha! No but really, what a classy guy. Did you see the way the guys spoke about him and how he congratulated Chad? That's a great guy. We wish you all the best Tyler...