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Big Break The Palm Beaches, FL - Ep 2 Show Insight

Big Break The Palm Beaches, FL - Ep 2 Show Insight
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Big Break Ireland contestant, Kelly Jacques is back to break down episode 2 of Big Break The Palm Beaches, FL. Along with two-time Big Break contestant and host of School of Golf, Sara Brown. Don’t miss their expert commentary every week after each episode and make sure to tune in Mondays at 9PM ET.

Sara: Let's just talk about those breakfast encounters... They definitely start to get more and quieter as the season goes on but everyone seemed pretty upbeat... UNTIL they read the card and found out that this day they were going to send TWO people home!!! 

Kelly: No kidding! They went from zero being eliminated to two! That had to be a stressful feeling!

Sara: I loved the first immunity challenge because the guys had to pick without telling anyone else...  

I was cracking up when Clay was trying to bluff all the guys that were the long hitters... But ultimately the longest on the show, Robert lost because he failed to hit the fairway so Brandon just had to beat Kyle and he did it in style with a 315 yard drive...

7 players for the 150 yard approach shot WOW now it's just to see who can dart that pin!!!! And Tommy does it!!!! 

Kelly: I loved this immunity challenge as well! Mainly because this is the first time that we truly get to see what each player’s strength is! I wasn’t at all surprised with 7 players choosing the 150 yard shot! That’s such a stock distance that every pro should be comfortable with. I was happy to see that the 40 year old beat out the young ones on that shot! 

Sara: Clay didn't hit a great shot out of the bunker 7'2" but because he was only playing against George who hit it 9' and who went first... That's really all it takes...

Kelly: See, I thought that Clay hit a pretty good shot! Not great by any means but he did what he had to do to move onto show 3!

Sara: The second immunity challenge was all about that chipping AND it was great... You got to see how everyone was thinking and how their short games would hold up...

Kelly: I love short game challenges! This is where you make your money and we got to see those players do their thing! With the different point circles, the players had to choose wisely! One turn without points can take you completely out of it! 

With only the top 2 of this challenge winning immunity, the players needed to play aggressive but smart at the same time. This truly encompasses professional golfers in tournaments as well. You don’t want to be too aggressive that you make silly mistakes, but you also can’t be too conservative that you never give yourself a chance to win

Sara: I was sooooo excited to see the mulligan medallions come out in this chipping challenge Wesley said he started an epidemic hahahha and he really did... I was also very impressed that those who did use the mulligan medallions made great 2nd shots... But I question... Was this the time to use it I mean it's only the 2nd show??

Kelly: Haha started an epidemic. That’s pretty funny! I too thought that it was a little premature to pull the mulligans out. In my opinion, that just shows how scared they are to go to elimination! I understand it’s intimidating, but you need to be confident enough in your game that you shouldn’t have to rely on that this early. Play your way through this competition!

Sara: George and Zachary were the lowest scores and so they had to pick who they would take into elimination and well Kel how do you pick that??? 

Kelly: That’s a tough one. You really have to pick someone based on how they have performed so far…which is not much to go off of! However, I was surprised that they chose Chad. He almost just won the previous challenge…and if I know anything about elimination challenges, they usually come down to short game! This time wasn’t any different. With that being said, Chad pulls off the win, sending George and Zach home. I’m sure he garnered some more respect from his fellow competitors after another strong performance!

Sara: It's sad to see two players go especially George and Zach but hey that's the name of the game right... There is only one Big Break The Palm Beaches winner.

Kelly: Until next time!