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Big Break The Palm Beaches, FL - Episode 1 Analysis

Big Break The Palm Beaches, FL - Ep 1 Analysis
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Big Break The Palm Beaches, FL - Ep 1 Analysis  - 

Big Break Ireland contestant, Kelly Jacques returns this season to break down each episode of Big Break The Palm Beaches, FL. This time two-time Big Break contestant and host of School of Golf, Sara Brown joins in the fun to provide additional insight. Don’t miss their expert commentary every week after each episode and make sure to tune in Mondays at 9PM ET. 


Kelly: I’m so excited that another season of Big Break is here! This season Sara Brown and I will be breaking down each episode to discuss the standout moments!

Sara: Kel, I am soooo excited to get Season 23 of Big Break started as well!!! And WOW the 1st episode did not disappoint!

Kelly: After watching the player’s bios, I can’t decide who I’m pulling for! Every player has such a compelling story and they are all so different! What are your thoughts?

Sara: I agree! What a great group of guys we have on this cast! From a war Veteran who fought and lost his leg for this Country and for our freedom, to a singer songwriter; we have a Dad trying to make it on tour for the first time at the age of 40, some trick shot bros and many of the guys have college and professional wins under their belt! Kelly, just all around good stories from this bunch. Not to mention they are a great looking group of guys…sorry but I had to point that out! :D

Kelly: Sara did you know that the trick shot brothers you mentioned have over 8 million total video views?! They are probably the most well-known contestants this season! If you haven’t seen them in action, check them out at! Not only have they excelled at trick shots, they are pretty darn talented too! George was a three time NCAA-All-American at South Carolina! Wesley hasn’t’ had quite the same success, but is hanging on, trying to make it to the big tour.

Onto the show! How about that great shot from Chad in the first round of the Immunity Challenge!? He hit it to an unbeatable 4 inches!! WOW! Being the last to hit, he knew exactly what he had to do and he pulled it off!

Sara: I actually got a chance last week to see Chad while he was on Feherty Live in Phoenix. I really admire who he is and it's not just because he fought for his country. It's because he was hysterical on Feherty and just seems like a genuinely awesome guy who wants the same as everyone else. He may have just one leg to do it with, BUT he has a great prosthetic to help.  

In the first round of the Immunity Challenge, he proved he also has GAME!!! You said it best Kel, he knew exactly what he had to do and he NAILED IT!!! That's a huge confidence boost for Chad!! But keep in mind, now EVERYONE will be keeping an eye on him. Including me!!!!

Kelly: In the second round of the Immunity Challenge, George hit a horrible shot, only to have it snuggle up to 8 feet!! He beat Brandon by 2 inches to capture a coveted immunity spot! In Big Break it’s hard to not let the lucky shots from others affect you, but it’s definitely necessary! Many times those that win are the ones that have the best misses!

Sara: You're right, it definitely wasn't George's best shot and I think Brandon hit what he thought was a good one. SIDE NOTE: I loved that he channeled his Big Break predecessor Don Donatello and said, "Pull it tight"!

The third and final challenge was won by a very impressive 257 yard 2 iron by Brandon. He is a little vocal and I think you can see the contestants have already said that a few times.  BUT…he should be a fun one to watch. Only time will tell :) 

Kelly: At the end of the day, Kyle found himself at the bottom of the totem pole. He chose Zach to join him in the first elimination challenge of the season. It looked like it was a tough decision for him!

Sara: I think it's so hard especially that first show to pick someone to play against. You haven't really seen their games and unless you knew them from before you kind of just pick and pray you stay on top. So I honestly felt Kyle just picked at random. Maybe he fears the Stache on Tyler I don't know HAHAHA!!

Kelly: That’s hilarious; you may be right!

Zachary’s approach shot to the par 5-18th really impressed me! His ball was buried in the left hand rough and not only got it out, but he stuffed it! That’s not an easy hole either! I used to work at PGA National and played that championship course probably 100 times. That 18th hole is no joke, with bunkers lining the left and water lining the right! Great job Zach!

The players ultimately tied, meaning no one was eliminated in episode 1. I’m happy for them, but someone has to be the first to go, and I have no idea who the weakest link is yet!

Sara: Kelly, I know you didn't like that someone wasn't kicked off the first show, BUT I loved that part!!! It gives them more time to get their nerves in check and more time to showcase their talents!!! 

The one thing I'm looking forward to about this season is their "Mulligan Medals"!  I’m excited to see if/when it’s put in play. This could be a huge game changer throughout the show and I can't wait to see what happens!!! 

Now hurry up and get here Monday, Kelly and I are ready to watch some great golf on Season 23 of Big Break The Palm Beaches Florida!!!