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Brex Golf offers adjustable, customizable putter

Brex Golf
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Adjustability and customization seem to be the growing trend in golf. From amateurs to pros, players want the equipment that will cater specifically to their game, not to the masses. So far though, that technology has only been applied off the tee. And while it may be fun to adjust your driver to achieve maximum distance, those shorter strokes on the green are just as important, maybe even more so.

Brex Golf has recognized this and is looking to rectify the situation with their modular BG-1 putter. Their unique approach to putting has led to customizable features in the shaft and the alignment aid on the head, because the same putter cannot possibly appeal to everyone – it’s one of the great quirks of the game. 

Starting with their patented half pipe alignment system, the BG-1 putter head is designed to get golfers vertically aligned over the ball at address – a problem that most players of varying skill levels don’t even realize they have. This unique method uses a center line on the inside of the half pipe to let you know if your eyes are lined up correctly over the center of the ball, instead of the inside or outside.

Brex Golf

The half pipe – which is also ideal for aim because it is the exact width of a golf ball – can be ordered in black or white, a customizable feature important both for style and for how you see the ball in contrast to the putter head.

The BG-1 complete package comes with three hosels: face balanced, straight and full offset – complete with white Iomic grips on True Temper shafts – which are easily swapped on and off the 350 gram putter head using a simple allen wrench, much like modern adjustable drivers. The point though, is not to switch it up during a round, but to try them all out, figure out which one fits your eye best, and stick with that one. 

According to the tips on their website, Brex Golf recommends a face balanced hosel for a “straight back-straight through” stroke, but either the straight or full offset hosel for an arced stroke with more of a “toe flow.” But whatever you choose, there is a standing offer to buy the other two shafts back from you for $80 a piece.

Brex Golf

Brex Golf is so confident this is the last putter you will ever need to buy that they also offer a full refund if the putter is returned in new and unused condition within 30 days and a refund of 85 percent for putters with visible signs of use. If you know your exact specifications, the putter with a single hosel is available for $299 or you can get the complete package with the option of selling two hosels back for $475. 

For more information or to make a purchase visit Brex Golf online.