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Harmon to Fowler: Be a pro, not a Kardashian

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Rickie Fowler is seeking his first major championship victory at this week's U.S. Open and his swing coach, Butch Harmon, gave him plenty of motivation at the end of last year to finally breaking through.

Harmon relayed to Sky Sports at the Masters a discussion he had with Fowler at the end of 2016:

"We had a big conversation at the end of the year last year, and he didn't like it. I said, 'You gotta decide are you going to be a Kardashian or are you going to be a golf pro?' You're the king of social media, you're all over these Snapchats and all these things.

"You need to reach down and grab your ears and get your head out of your you know what and get back to work, get your body in shape. He's got a trainer he works out tremendously with and he's worked unbelievable with his golf swing. He's gone back to winning tournaments again - get rid of those Kardashians."

Fowler was one shot off the 54-hole lead at Augusta but closed in 76 to tie for 11th.