PGA Tour Q-School second stage: Humble, Texas

By Golf Channel DigitalNovember 21, 2011, 5:49 pm

Redstone Golf Club: Top 20 and ties advance

 Pos  Player Scoring To Par Rounds Total
Total Thru Current 1 2 3 4
1 Kevin Kisner  Aiken, SC -17 F -3 64 68 70 69 271
T2 Kent Jones  Albuquerque, NM -12 F -6 69 70 71 66 276
T2 Mathias Gronberg  West Palm Beach, FL -12 F -2 68 70 68 70 276
T4 Brian Smock  Coronado, CA -9 F -4 69 69 73 68 279
T4 Richard Scott  St Simons Island, GA -9 F -1 70 70 68 71 279
T6 Shaun Micheel  Collierville, TN -8 F -6 73 69 72 66 280
T6 Clark Dennis  Ft. Worth, TX -8 F -3 69 71 71 69 280
T6 Ron Whittaker  Little Rock, AR -8 F E 65 71 72 72 280
T6 Jose Toledo  Humble, TX -8 F +2 68 67 71 74 280
T10 Lee Williams  Alexander City, AL -7 F -6 73 70 72 66 281
T10 Shawn Stefani  Baytown, TX -7 F -5 71 71 72 67 281
T10 Andrew Svoboda  Golden, CO -7 F -2 70 69 72 70 281
T10 Jeff Maggert  The Woodlands, TX -7 F -2 68 69 74 70 281
T10 Jason Allred  Scottsdale, AZ -7 F E 67 68 74 72 281
T15 John Chin  Temecula, CA -6 F -3 70 71 72 69 282
T15 James Sacheck  Fort Worth, TX -6 F -1 69 71 71 71 282
T15 Doug Barron  Memphis, TN -6 F E 68 65 77 72 282
T15 Charlie Beljan  Mesa, AZ -6 F +1 67 72 70 73 282
T19 Matt Hendrix  Greenville, SC -5 F -1 68 70 74 71 283
T19 Anthony Rodriguez  San Antonio, TX -5 F -2 69 72 72 70 283
T19 Will Claxton  Auburn, AL -5 F -1 70 70 72 71 283
T19 D.J. Brigman  Albuquerque, NM -5 F E 70 72 69 72 283
T19 Reid Edstrom  Auburn, AL -5 F +2 66 71 72 74 283
T19 Rich Beem  Austin, TX -5 F +3 66 73 69 75 283
T25 Chris Epperson  Hilton Head Island, SC -4 F -3 69 69 77 69 284
T25 Brice Garnett  Gallatin, MO -4 F * -5 74 69 74 67 284
T25 Seamus Power  Charlotte, NC -4 F +3 72 66 71 75 284
T28 Chad Ginn  Tylertown, MS -3 F -2 67 72 76 70 285
T28 Dawie Van der Walt  Kingwood, TX -3 F +1 68 71 73 73 285
T30 Randy Lowry  Spring, TX -2 F -2 72 69 75 70 286
T30 Creighton Honeck  Austin, TX -2 F * -2 73 72 71 70 286
T30 Chris Thompson  Lawrence, KS -2 F * -3 70 70 77 69 286
T33 Vance Veazey  Memphis, TN -1 F * -1 68 72 76 71 287
T33 Michael Buttacavoli  Miami Beach, FL -1 F E 69 73 73 72 287
T33 Greg Sonnier  Lake Charles, LA -1 F E 70 71 74 72 287
T36 Matt Marshall  Marana, AZ E F * E 72 72 72 72 288
T36 Michael Connell  Houston, TX E F +1 76 65 74 73 288
T36 John Hurley  O'Neill, NE E F +1 72 70 73 73 288
T36 Ryan Brehm  Mt. Pleasant, MI E F +4 73 70 69 76 288
T36 Brian Stuard  Jackson, MI E F * -3 71 72 76 69 288
T41 Brad Elder  Reston, VA +1 F * +1 72 71 73 73 289
T41 John Kimbell  San Antonio, TX +1 F * E 72 71 74 72 289
T41 Woody Austin  Derby, KS +1 F +2 72 69 74 74 289
T41 Patrick Reed  Martinez, GA +1 F * E 73 72 72 72 289
T41 David Schultz  Dallas, TX +1 F * -3 75 74 71 69 289
T41 Andres Gonzales  Lakewood, WA +1 F * -3 74 76 70 69 289
47 Jonathan Hodge  Strawberry Plains, TN +2 F * +1 70 75 72 73 290
T48 Nico Bollini  Orange, CA +3 F +4 68 72 75 76 291
T48 Benjamin Alvarado  Chile +3 F * +2 74 69 74 74 291
T48 Robert Gwin  Montgomery, TX +3 F +5 68 73 73 77 291
T48 Ted Purdy  Phoenix, AZ +3 F * -2 70 73 78 70 291
T52 James Marshall  Fayetteville, AK +4 F * +4 71 70 75 76 292
T52 Dustin Garza  Charleston, SC +4 F * +3 69 74 74 75 292
T52 B.J. Staten  Cottonwood Heights, UT +4 F +7 69 69 75 79 292
T52 Jarett Hamamoto  Chandler, AZ +4 F * +2 72 72 74 74 292
T52 Tony Finau  Lehi, UT +4 F * +2 71 74 73 74 292
T57 Michael Arnaud  Baton Rouge, LA +6 F * +5 69 75 73 77 294
T57 Jonathon Krick  Scottsdale, AZ +6 F * +5 73 72 72 77 294
T57 Craig Kanada  The Woodlands, TX +6 F * +1 73 73 75 73 294
T57 Parker McLachlin  Paradise Valley, AZ +6 F * +1 74 76 71 73 294
T57 Adam Mitchell  Atlanta, GA +6 F * -1 72 73 78 71 294
T62 Chris Nallen  Tucson, AZ +7 F * +4 72 70 77 76 295
T62 David Gossett  Bee Cave, TX +7 F * -3 75 77 74 69 295
64 Corey Prugh  Spokane, WA +8 F * +5 71 71 77 77 296
T65 Andrew Ruthkoski  Muskegon, MI +9 F * +5 73 73 74 77 297
T65 Chris Smith  Peru, IN +9 F * +2 70 77 76 74 297
T65 Patton Kizzire  Auburn, AL +9 F * +2 74 77 72 74 297
68 Paul Apyan  Hixson, TN +10 F * +2 70 75 79 74 298
69 Michael Baird  Castle Rock, CO +13 F * +9 74 72 74 81 301
70 Brandon Crick  McCook, NE +14 F * +7 71 74 78 79 302
71 Robert McClellan  Butler, PA +15 F * +10 76 72 73 82 303
72 Ryan Brooks  Tulsa, OK +22 F * +2 81 77 78 74 310
WD Cameron Percy  Raleigh, NC -1     69 70 76   215
WD Brian Bateman  St. Simons Island, GA +2     71 72 75   218
WD Brian Watts  Southlake, TX +11   *   78 74 75   227
WD Brett Quigley  Jupiter, FL                

Driven: Oklahoma State Cowboys Documentary Series Continues Tonight at 8 p.m. ET on Golf Channel

By Golf Channel Public RelationsMay 21, 2018, 8:27 pm

Monday’s third installment in the four-part series focuses on the Big 12 Championships and NCAA Regional Championships

Reigning NCAA National Champion Oklahoma Sooners and Top-Ranked Oklahoma State Cowboys Prepare for Showdown Friday at the 2018 NCAA Men’s Golf National Championships

ORLANDO, Fla., May 21, 2018 – Tonight’s third episode of the critically-acclaimed documentary series Driven: Oklahoma State Cowboys (8 p.m. ET) wraps up the conclusion of the 2017-18 regular season and turns to post-season play for the top-ranked Oklahoma State Cowboys and reigning NCAA National Champions Oklahoma Sooners.

Drivenwill take viewers behind the scenes with the conclusion of regular season play; the Big 12 Conference Championship, where Oklahoma captured their first conference championship since 2006; and the NCAA Regional Championships, where Oklahoma State and Oklahoma – both No. 1 seeds in their respective regionals – were both victorious and punched tickets to the NCAA Men’s Golf National Championships.

The episode also will set up the showdown starting Friday at the NCAA Men’s Golf National Championships, where Oklahoma State will attempt to dethrone Oklahoma as national champions, all taking place at Karsten Creek Golf Club in Stillwater, Okla., Oklahoma State’s home course. Oklahoma and Oklahoma State will be paired together for the first two rounds of individual stroke play Friday and Saturday.

Driven’s fourth and final episode will air on NBC on Saturday, June 16 at 5 p.m. ET, recapping all of the action at the NCAA Golf National Championships and the two programs’ 2017-18 golf seasons.

Golf Channel is airing back-to-back weeks of live tournament coverage of the NCAA Women’s and Men’s Golf Championships. Golf Channel’s coverage begins today (4-8 p.m. ET) to crown the individual national champion and track the teams attempting to qualify for the eight-team match play championship. Golf Channel’s coverage on Tuesday and Wednesday, May 22-23 will include all three rounds of team match play, ultimately crowning a team national champion. Next week (May 28-30), the same programming schedule will take place for the NCAA Men’s Golf National Championships.

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Mann's impact on LPGA felt on and off course

By Randall MellMay 21, 2018, 8:00 pm

Just a few short hours after winning the U.S. Women’s Open in 1965, Carol Mann was surprised at the turn of emotion within her.

She called her friend and mentor, Marlene Hagge, and asked if they could meet for a glass of wine at the Atlantic City hotel where players were staying.

Hagge was one of the LPGA’s 13 founders.

“I’ll never forget Carol saying, `I don’t mean to sound funny, because winning the U.S. Women’s Open was wonderful, but is that all there is?’” Hagge told Monday after hearing news of Mann’s death.

It was one of the many defining moments in Mann’s rich life, because it revealed her relentless search for meaning, within the game, and beyond it.

Mann, an LPGA and World Golf Hall of Famer, died at her home in Woodlands, Texas. She was 77.

“Carol was a very good friend, and a really sincere and good person,” Hagge said. “She was intelligent and insightful, the kind of person who always wanted to know the `why’ of things. She wasn’t content to be told this is the way something is. She had to know why.”

Mann’s search for meaning in the sport took her outside the ropes. She was a towering presence, at 6 feet 3, but her stature was more than physical. She won 38 LPGA titles, two of them major championships, but her mark on the game extended to her leadership skills.

From 1973 to ’76, Mann was president of the LPGA, leading the tour in challenging times.

“Carol was a significant player in the growth of the LPGA,” LPGA Hall of Famer Judy Rankin said. “She was involved when some big changes came to the tour. She was a talented woman beyond her golf.”

Mann oversaw the hiring of the tour’s first commissioner, Ray Volpe, a former NFL marketing executive. Their moves helped steer the tour out of the financial problems that threatened it.

“Carol was willing to do something nobody else wanted to do and nobody else had the brains to do,” Hagge said. “She loved the LPGA, and she wanted to make it a better place.”

At the cost of her own career.

Juggling the tour presidency with a playing career wasn’t easy.

“My golf seemed so secondary while I was president in 1975,” Mann once told author Liz Kahn for the book, “The LPGA: The Unauthorized Version.”

That was a pivotal year in tour history, with the LPGA struggling with an ongoing lawsuit, a legal battle Jane Blalock won when the courts ruled the tour violated antitrust laws by suspending her. With the tour appealing its legal defeats, a protracted battle threatened to cripple LPGA finances.

It was also the year Mann led the hiring of Volpe.

“I could barely get to the course in time to tee off,” Mann told Kahn. “There was so much other activity. I burned myself out a bit.”

Still, Mann somehow managed to win four times in ’75, but she wouldn’t again in the years that followed.

“I had launched a ship, and then I had to let it go, which was not easy,” she said of leaving her tour president’s role. “I was depressed thinking that no one on tour would say thank you to me for what I had done. Some would, others never would, and 10 years later players wouldn’t give a damn.”

Mann’s reign as a player and a leader aren’t fully appreciated today.

“A lot of players in the ‘60s haven’t been fully appreciated,” Rankin said.

Mann won 10 LPGA titles in 1968, the same year Kathy Whitworth won 10. Mann won the Vare Trophy for low scoring average that year. She won eight times in ’69 and was the tour’s leading money winner.

“Those were the toughest times to win,” Hagge said. “You had Kathy Whitworth and Mickey Wright, who is the best player I ever saw, and I saw them all. You had so many great players you had to beat in that era.”

Mann’s good humor came out when she was asked about her height.

“I’m 5-foot-15,” she liked to say.

After retiring from the tour at 40, Mann stayed active in golf, working as a TV analyst for NBC, ABC and ESPN. She found meaning in her Christian faith, and she was active supporting female athletes. She was president of the Women’s Sports Foundation for five years. She wrote a guest column for the Houston Post. She devoted herself to the World Golf Hall of Fame, taught at Woodlands Country Club and became the first woman to own and operate a course design and management firm.

“I’ve walked on the moon,” Mann once said. “I enjoy being a person, and getting old and dying are fine. I never think how people will remember Carol Mann. The mark I made is an intimate satisfaction.”


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Nelson win moves Wise to 12th in Ryder Cup race

By Will GrayMay 21, 2018, 7:12 pm

Aaron Wise received plenty of perks with his title Sunday at the AT&T Byron Nelson, but the victory also brought with it a healthy bump in the latest U.S. Ryder Cup standings.

The 21-year-old notched his maiden win at Trinity Forest in impressive fashion, holding off Marc Leishman in near-darkness. After starting the week at No. 46 in the points race for Paris, Wise is now all the way up to 12th with the top eight players after the PGA Championship qualifying automatically for the team.

Jimmy Walker moved from 18th to 15th with a top-10 finish in Dallas, while an idle Tiger Woods dropped one position to No. 32.

Here's a look at the updated standings, as the top 11 names remained in order this week:

1. Patrick Reed

2. Justin Thomas

3. Dustin Johnson

4. Jordan Spieth

5. Bubba Watson

6. Rickie Fowler

7. Brooks Koepka

8. Phil Mickelson


9. Webb Simpson

10. Matt Kuchar

11. Brian Harman

12. Aaron Wise

It was also a quiet week on the European side of the race, where the top four from both the European Points and World Points list in August will join a roster rounded out by four selections from captain Thomas Bjorn.

Here's a look at the latest European standings:

European Points

1. Tyrrell Hatton

2. Justin Rose

3. Jon Rahm

4. Ross Fisher


5. Matthew Fitzpatrick

World Points

1. Rory McIlroy

2. Tommy Fleetwood

3. Sergio Garcia

4. Alex Noren


5. Ian Poulter

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PGA Tour 'career mode' to be featured in video game

By Nick MentaMay 21, 2018, 6:02 pm

Updated 4:15 p.m.

The PGA Tour announced on Monday a licensing agreement with developer HB Studios that will see Tour branding featured in HB's upcoming "The Golf Club 2019" video game.

Per a release, the game's career mode will take players “on an authentic journey through Q-School, the Tour and a 32-tournament PGA Tour season, including the FedExCup Playoffs, to become the FedExCup champion."

The initial launch will also feature "six precise replicas" of TPC courses played each year on Tour: TPC Summerlin (home of the Shriners Hospitals for Children Open), TPC Scottsdale Stadium Course (Waste Management Phoenix Open), TPC Sawgrass’ The Players Stadium Course (The Players Championship), TPC Southwind (FedEx St. Jude Classic and future home of the WGC-FedEx St. Jude Championship), TPC Deere Run (John Deere Classic), and TPC Boston (Dell Technologies Championship).

“We are so excited for the launch of 'The Golf Club 2019' featuring the PGA Tour that highlights some of our best tournaments,” said Len Brown, PGA Tour chief legal officer and executive vice president of licensing. “This will allow our fans to take the same path to the PGA Tour by earning their card through the Tour. Additionally, this will give gamers the opportunity to play under the same tournament conditions that our players face week in and week out. We are thrilled with this partnership.”

The agreement is a large step forward for a franchise which has been focused on virtual architecture, allowing users to design, play and share courses with other members of the TGC community. To date, users have designed more than 170,000 layouts. 

“We are absolutely ecstatic and proud to be an official licensee of the PGA Tour, one of the most prestigious sports organizations in the world,” said Alan Bunker, CEO of HB Studios. “This further validates that HB Studios has the No. 1 golf video game on console and PC platforms. With the inclusion of PGA Tour content and the support of this fantastic organization, it will elevate our game even higher and provide our users with an even more authentic video game golfing experience.”

The PGA Tour previously licensed its branding and TPC courses to well-known developer Electronic Arts. The EA game enjoyed its greatest popularity from 1999-2013 under the name "Tiger Woods PGA Tour". Following the 2013 edition, EA's partnership with Woods and a licensing agreement with Augusta National Golf Club reached an end.

The studio developed one edition of the game for current-generation consoles in 2015 under the name "Rory McIlroy PGA Tour". The title received poor initial reviews when it launched with far fewer features than previous incarnations of the game, although EA continued to add downloadable content for up to a year. The game was recently pulled from all digital storefronts when its EA's license to use Tour branding expired.

Speaking with on Monday, Matt Iofredo, the senior director of licensing for the Tour, referred to the circuit's previous arragement with EA as a "long-term successful partnership" and said that the two sides parted amicably.

As for why it was important for the Tour to re-emerge in this space, Iofredo cited the ongoing effort to the grow the game.

"Video games are a great platform for us to reach our fans and potentially new fans," Iofredo said. "The hope is that you start playing the video game and it piques your interest in golf in general and then maybe you want to attend an event, maybe you want to tune in on TV or one of the digital platforms, or maybe you want to go out to a driving range and hit balls and eventually go play."

The deal between HB and the Tour is a multi-year agreement aimed at building and expanding the franchise over potentially multiple editions.

While the PGA Tour controls the rights to TPC courses - and may well add more to the game - HB would have come to separate agreements with other clubs were it to try to digitally mirror the rest of the PGA Tour season. 

"The Golf Club 2019" edition is the third installment in “The Golf Club” franchise following "The Golf Club" in 2014 and "The Golf Club 2" in 2017. The game is set for an August release on PlayStation 4, XBOX One, and PC.