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My LPGA Kingsmill Championship Experience

Big Break Atlantis, Marcela Leon
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PAARL, SOUTH AFRICA - DECEMBER 20: Michael Lorenzo-Vera of France tees off on the 16th hole during the third round of the South African Open Championship at Pearl Valley Golf & Country Club on December 20, 2008 in Paarl, South Africa. (Photo by Warren Little/Getty Images)  - 

My name is Marcela Leon and my journey started earlier this year when I was chosen to be part of Big Break Atlantis. I had an incredible time on the show, met some amazing people and most importantly, the experience made me a better person and golfer. I am grateful for the opportunity and feel blessed to be Big Break Atlantis Champion.  Winning Big Break Atlantis provided me with plenty of advantages. It has made my life somewhat different than what it was before. Thanks to the exposure of the show, I have Big Break fans following me during rounds and encouraging me in Symetra Tour events. I have met great people and I am very thankful for their support.

Another benefit from being the winner of Big Break Atlantis is the opportunity to play in an LPGA event.  The day I have been waiting for has finally arrived to play at LPGA Kingsmill Championship this week.  The emotions are similar to those I felt when I got the call to be part of the Big Break. I am so excited for the opportunity and I am ready to relish the experience. My goal for the week is to enjoy each moment for what it is: a great opportunity.

I got to Kingsmill on Monday in the late afternoon. When I arrived on site, I was overwhelmed and didn’t know where to go, but after a while I started to see familiar faces. Some players that used to play on the Symetra Tour helped me find my way around. They were very helpful and sweet, encouraging me to call them if there was something I needed. Later on I went with my caddy, James Finely, to play nine holes. The front nine of the River course is in great shape and the layout really fits my eye. The evening was wonderful and we were the only ones on the course. It felt like a walk in heaven.

The next day, I played the front nine with Jacqui Concolino and Lisa Ferrero (who joined us on the back nine). I had a great time playing with the girls and also had some fans recognize me who congratulated me. It was thrilling to hear that they enjoyed watching me during the show and that they wish me luck for this week. It was a great practice round because I felt comfortable, hit the ball well and got a good feel for the greens. After the round, I practiced for a while and saw more familiar faces. It was so nice to see LPGA caddies that I haven’t seen in a long time and also some of my buddies from the past as well. So many players scatter to different tours but it seems the LPGA is a great meeting place!

This morning I had a press conference, which was fun and enjoyable. Shortly after, I headed to practice and play some holes. Every day at the course this week is beautiful in Williamsburg. There is nothing for me to complain about, considering the fact that my office this week is a spot I’ve been fighting to have for quite some time now, 10 years.  Being out here just reassures me how badly I want to be part of the LPGA. These girls are not only class A golfers but also class A people.

I am anxious for tomorrow and I know it will be another great day. No matter what happens, I am planning to enjoy every second of this opportunity. I will embrace everything that tomorrow brings. I am going to appreciate all of the emotions that arise and admire every situation that I will need to confront on the golf course. I will be in the present moment and I am sure that if I achieve that state of mind, the results will come.

Lastly, I just want to thank everybody that made this opportunity possible. I really appreciate everybody that believes in my golf game and have touched my life in one way or another throughout the years. Thank you to my family for always encouraging me to do what makes me happy. Time to tee it up and Viva Mexico!!!  ?