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Learning to play golf and ride a bike

Golf Talk Central
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Have you ever tried to teach a kid to ride a bike? Sometimes it's not real pretty. Twenty feet of wobbly followed by a crash that sounds like 80 pots falling out of an overhead cabinet. Run, get the Band-Aids!

Watching a kid learn to play golf is a lot like that. You wonder if they are going to figure it out before running out of patience and skin. I recently got the chance to see my oldest son ride around the block for the first time without crashing. He shot 81 at Bandon Dunes, a personal best on an inspiring golf course. Up until then his struggles with the game had been mighty and I'm sure he was worried he would never figure it out.

But that day something clicked and I feel confident that, just like riding a bike, he'll be able to enjoy the game for the rest of his life. July is Family Golf Month. Give someone you love the chance to ride our great game for a lifetime. I promise you won't regret it.