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Blindfolded Harrington holes shot, gets Happy

Getty Images

You don't win three major championships with your eyes closed. Unless you're Padraig Harrington. He might actually have a chance.

In a video released by HSBC in advance of this week's Open Championship, Harrington, with the help of his caddie Ronan Flood, is tasked with getting a shot from to 135 yards to within nine feet. Shouldn't be too tough for a two-time Open winner, right? Well, he's behind two trees and he's blindfolded.

First, he tries hitting a cut around around the trees - and mostly just hits the trees themselves. Then, it's a series of high hooks, some of which actually come pretty close. Finally, it's a punch 4-iron through a fairly small gap.

Evidently, the bullseye wasn't enough of a challenge. Paddy just went ahead and jarred it.

While blindfolded, Harrington also attempted a drive a la Happy Gilmore. In fairness, most people whiff on this with both eyes open - and without anyone moving the ball on them. 

Hmm, you know what? Probably don't try any of this at home. Or if you do, send us the video. That could be fun.