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Clarke: 'Good guy' Woods didn't pay for many dinners

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By all accounts, Darren Clarke and Tiger Woods are buddies who go back a number of years.

And like a lot friendly relationships, it appears that while these two really respect each other, they reserve the right to poke fun if the moment strikes.

And that moment struck last week when the 2011 Open champion Clarke joined the Dubai Eye Sports Tonight Podcast to talk all things golf, including Tiger.

While Clarke couldn't have said nicer things about the 14-time major winner for most of the chat - such as he was a "good guy" and that he is the greatest golfer of all time - the most revealing quote came when the topic turned to Woods picking up a dinner tab.

"He had a very successful savings account," Clarke said through a laugh. "He didn't quite pay for too many dinners whenever we were out, I have to say ... He couldn't even be coerced into paying for dinners."

One of the show hosts followed up with, "Was he was as tight with the media as he was with his fellow players?"

"I didn't tell you that, but yes," Clarke cracked.

Listen to the entire interview below. The Woods question start at about the 23-minute mark.