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Dudes troll Lexi, Lexi fires back, dudes apologize

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When athletes or other celebrities engage with negative commenters on social media, it doesn't usually end well.

But for Lexi Thompson it did. She fired back at two commenters after they gave her grief for posting this photo:

dfunk521: Seems to me you should be focusing on your game vs all the pretty stuff you like to post. I would be embarrassed in missing the cut. To many competing interests Lexi. Just saying.

knightair7: @dfunk521 I love @lexi with all my heart, but I agree with you, even though she loves her fans(wont answer me or give me an autograph), she needs to be like Annika/Lorena

lexi: Really @dfunk521 and @knightair7 ? I sign every autograph at my tournaments and take pics with everybody go to every sponsor party. I practice and train my butt off. I don't want my whole page to be all about golf. And ya I had a bad week but neither of u know what I was dealing with this week and I'm human not perfect. I can't play well every week, please realize that and comment something positive because that hurts and I won't deal with it.

The two commenters then apologized to Thompson:

dfunk521: Lexi, you are correct in your assessment of my ignorance and I sincerely want to apologize for my inconsideration. You are a wonderful role model and person for many, many people and that is far more important than any victory. A far as positive feedback, look at all the awesome responses from those who follow you. Sorry again and good luck.

knightair7: @lexi I was wrong, I don't know what you deal with on an everyday basis and I'm sorry. I'm just a fan, i like you and your passion and there was no place for my comment. I love who I love and idolize you for your efforts with Jordan Spieth and making the LPGA the best. Please accept my apology, because in the words of Brenda Lee, "im such a fool"