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Watch: Trump picks up putt while ball is still rolling

Getty Images

Does Donald Trump cheat at golf?

Maybe. Maybe not. All depends on who you ask.

But video emerged over the weekend of the president spending some time at one of his golf courses in Virginia, and it's certainly worth a watch, even if it doesn't shed any new light on the debate.

While giving a report on Trump, NBC News cameras caught Trump (at the 45-second mark) missing a short putt and then running after his ball and picking it up before it stopped rolling.

Sure, it's possible the 71-year-old was caught cheating in the most blatant way possible, but there's also a very real chance he was playing some sort of match and he had lost the hole once his putt missed, so he simply picked it up.

Hey, just ask Jordan Spieth. Match play rules can be a little tricky sometimes.