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Back to Basics - Week 3 of 4 - Balance

As I watched the British Open it was apparent that the importance of good balance was critical for success. I have played golf in similar conditions in Scotland and I was grateful that I had good balance and a sense of humor! Between the deep rough and deeper bunkers you can literally end up falling off your feet.

How do you develop a sense of balance? Check out this week’s series of yoga balancing poses. 


Practice these poses everyday or every other day for maximum benefits.

Before you begin your balancing poses focus your eyes on a spot four feet in front of your mat, on the floor. 

Quiet your mind with your breath before you begin the pose. 

Remember to breathe deeply in each pose, in and out through the nose.

Hold each pose for five to ten breaths depending on your fitness level.

Remember that you should never experience pain, slight discomfort is acceptable.

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Here we go!

 Tree Pose

Balance on the left foot, bringing the right foot on your left leg. Make sure your foot is not resting on your knee but below your knee. Begin with your hands on your waist and hold for five breaths. Bring your arms over your head for five more breaths and switch sides.

Tree Pose

Standing Quad with Strap

Balance on your right foot and place a strap or towel around your left foot. Extend your right arm at shoulder height to help you balance.  Press your left hip forward and focus on the stretch in the left hip, glute and low back. Hold for ten breaths and switch sides.

Note: You should not feel any discomfort in your left knee.

Standing Quad with Strap

Balancing 'T' Pose

Begin with your hands on your waist and step your right foot forward on your yoga mat. Keep the hips pointed toward the floor and lift your left leg off the floor. 

Note: Pull your navel toward your spine to engage your core before you move. 


Balancing T pose
See you next week!



Editor's Note: Katherine Roberts, founder of and has over 20 years of experience in golf specific fitness training, yoga studies, professional coaching and motivation. Katherine welcomes your email questions and comments, contact her at