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Create better posture - on and off the course

The following is a partial excerpt from my book Swing Flaws and Fitness Fixes with swing analysis by Hank Haney.

“Swinging the club is like swinging an axe. You do not hit with it; you accelerate with it”.

* Peter Thompson

“C” Posture - Swing Flaw

Posture at address is the foundation from which your swing is built. Like the foundation of a house, a proper set up and good posture is fundamental for building the dynamic phase of your swing. You would not purchase a house that was built on a cracked foundation and you should not build a golf swing on a foundation of poor posture.

“C posture” is one of the most common physical restrictions I see in my golfers. Defined as a rounded back or slumped shoulders, kyphosis is when the thoracic spine resembles the letter “C”. Golfers with kyphosis often present with a forward head position. These two issues restrict efficient spinal mobility. In my opinion “C” posture is primarily a by-product of our sedentary lifestyle. Sitting too much, the aging process, and an imbalanced fitness program (heavy upper body lifting without flexibility conditioning) create an imbalance in the chest and upper back musculature.

The Roberts Flex-Fit Method is designed to create more symmetry in the body. For example as it relates to “C” posture I need to get more flexibility in the chest or pec muscles, flexibility in the mid-back and then balance your workout with strengthening exercises for your back body.

This week we target the flexibility portion, next week we target strength and stability.


Chest opener on the ball

Chest opener on the ball







As you place your back on the ball be sure that your head is supported and NOT hyper-extended, your hips are parallel to the floor and your glutes are engaged. Bend your arms at a 90 degree angle and hold for ten deep breaths. Rest and repeat three times.













Upper back mobility


Prep pose for upper back mobility







Place your legs on the seat of a chair. With your arms extended clasp your hands together. Inhale deeply and extend your arms over your head. If practiced correctly you should feel a stretch in the shoulders, chest and upper back. Repeat 10 times.




Pec stretch on the ball

Peck Stretch - Par/birdie level







Note: If you have a shoulder issue practice the Par/Birdie Level intensity.

Place the ball close to the chest, arm at a 90 degree angle. Inhale deeply and on your exhalation gently press your chest into the ball, focusing on the stretch in the chest. Repeat five times and switch sides.


Eagle level:Pec Stretch - Eagle level








Move the ball further away from your body.