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Get Your Lower Body Into the Swing

Get your lower body into your swing:

Get your lower body into your swing!

3D motion analysis has revolutionized the way golf and golf fitness professionals evaluate the golf swing. All my students go through the 3D process because it reveals to me their physical restrictions in ways the naked eye cannot see. One of the many movement patterns I look for is the activation of the lower body. Katherine Roberts

For many golfers the lower body activation is inhibited by tight hip flexors and weak glutes.

This yoga pose called the crescent lunge targets the hip flexors on the extended leg, the glutes and quads on the bent leg. In addition the core is activated by drawing the navel towards the spine, by lengthening the ribcage and stretching the arms over the head. A very powerful position!

Begin by stepping your right leg forward with the knee at a 90 degree angle. (Note: do not allow the knee to bend past 90 degrees). Step the left leg back, fully extend the leg and lift the heel as high as possible. Draw the navel towards the spine, lift the arms and straighten the right knee on your exhalation. Repeat the bending and straightening of the right knee ten times. Focus on the muscle activation in the lower body. Switch sides.



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